BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iOS

BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iOSBGR reports that RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger is heading to Android, and eventually Apple’s iOS. At this early stage, pricing and dates are still entirely up in the air, but there are rumblings that RIM might make the software available for free.

The BlackBerry Messenger experience is expected to be toned down for Android and iOS. Users will be able to communicate across all three platforms, though they might not be able to share files, like pictures and music.

Clearly, RIM hopes that it can entice users away from Android and iOS with a taste of BlackBerry Messenger. To get the full version, you’ll need a BlackBerry phone. Or a PlayBook. Those sneaky devils.

Android was chosen to receive the software first, largely because it’ll be easier to develop for the open platform. It’s expected to get BlackBerry Messenger at some point this year, with an iOS version to follow.

via BGR

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normal  Mar. 5, 2011 at 19:43

It's a bit of a surprise move if it is true. Would they charge? Isn't it one of Blackberry's killer features? I'm also wondering (besides whether it's true or not) if they're testing the water for becoming a provider service, as opposed to a manufacturer and service provider. If they can charge a small fee and make it work, they might opt at a later date to make their email system a subscription service. It would be admitting that they can't compete on handsets, but may still may make more money just providing the service.


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