BlackBerry Messenger for iOS in April? (Updated: NO!)

BlackBerry Messenger for iOS in April? (Updated: NO!)This is one of those rumours that have us reaching for the salt, and not in the good just-had-a-shot-of-tequila way. Macrumours forum member Rihanna (presumably not the foxy songstress) suggests that BlackBerry Messenger will be making its way to iOS next month.

Rihanna was one of a number of college students in attendance at a RIM Social Media conference held in Toronto, and claims that RIM's co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, revealed that BlackBerry Messenger is heading to the App Store on April 26.

If that date was in any way concrete, we reckon Balsillie would choose a higher-profile event to make his announcement. After all, BlackBerry Messenger on iOS would be a big deal.

BlackBerry Messenger will almost certainly come to iOS at some point, but the latest rumours suggest it’ll hit Android first, as it’s easier to develop for the open-source platform.

A recent survey shows that BlackBerry Messenger is a key selling point for the yoof. Rumour has it RIM will launch a watered down version for rival operating systems in the hopes of luring customers away from Android and iOS.

So, BlackBerry Messenger for iOS eventually? Yes. BlackBerry Messenger for iOS on April 26? We’ll stick with the salt.

Update: may as well reach for the tequila, too. RIM has told BGR in no uncertain terms that this story is false – in fact there was no conference in Toronto this week at all. Seems April Fool's Day has come early this year.

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