BBM Music now available, but not in the UK

BBM Music now available, but not in the UKBlackBerry's BBM Music service has been rolled out to - it would seem - everyone but us Brits.

OK, that's an exaggeration but as of now, Canada, the US and Australia can download the app from BlackBerry's App World whilst we look on in abhorrent envy.

OK, that may be an exaggeration too since you only get 50 songs on your subscription but it's still a little galling that us UK types are not at the front of the queue.

If you've not heard of BBM Music then let us enlighten you. It's a subscription-based service that sees you choosing your favourite 50 tracks from a library of millions.

Now 50 tracks isn't a lot, but the key thing here is contacts. See, all of your BBM buddies also get 50 songs, so the more contacts you have the more music you're able to listen to. Well, unless you all like exactly the same choons, that is.

It's BlackBerry's latest move to soften its image away from the all-business approach that served it so well for many years but is now looking increasingly out of date.

BlackBerry helpfully explains it all explains it all but in the meantime, we'll just sulk as we wait. We're told it's 'coming soon' to UK shores, and we're hoping that means this side of Christmas. But if it doesn't, don't shoot the messenger, eh? (sorry - had to be done!)

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