BlackBerry Orlando leaks

BlackBerry Orlando leaksBlackBerry enthusiasts N4BB have “received word” of yet another new BlackBerry phone, codenamed the BlackBerry Orlando. Essentially it’s a BlackBerry Curve with a touchscreen.

Nothing further has been said of the specs for the BlackBerry Orlando, though a picture confirms that it’ll have a QWERTY keyboard.

Confusingly, this is in addition to the BlackBerry Curve Touch that we’ve heard about recently, codenamed the BlackBerry Malibu. It’ll be touchscreen-only.

Several new BlackBerry phones have leaked in the past few weeks. Recently we saw the BlackBerry Touch, which will probably be the successor to the BlackBerry Storm.

RIM isn’t exactly doing a great job of keeping a lid on its new wares, and earlier this week had videos of the BlackBerry Touch and BlackBerry Bold Touch pulled from youtube.

A whole host of new BlackBerry phones will be unveiled officially at BlackBerry World in May, however the Orlando – being in the early stages of development – isn’t expected to attend.

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