BlackBerry OS 7 coming this year

BlackBerry OS 7 coming this year

Just this very morning we were thinking to ourselves how long it's been since we've had some leaky roadmap action. Well, actually we weren't, but still – it has been a while.

So good news for all of us, then, that BlackBerry's software plan for the year has found its way into the public domain, with the prospect of seeing BlackBerry OS 7 before the end of the year the big news to take away.

Of course, BlackBerry's already had its hardware plans for the year thrown open for public consumption, and while the software plans we're seeing today for the first time courtesy of N4BB may not be quite as exciting, there are still some interesting details to be gleaned.

Chief among them is undoubtedly the prospect of seeing BlackBerry OS 7, which the plan reveals should be ripe for some core integration by around November.

Of course, that doesn't mean we'll be seeing the next-gen platform appearing on actual devices then, but we'd imagine there's a fair chance it'll surface for the hardware release cycle of early 2012.

We've also got a pair of updates to BlackBerry Internet Service to look forward to – one next month (BIS 4.0) and another in the autumn (BIS 4.1). On top of that, RIM looks set to tweak a number of big-ticket apps such as Twitter, Facebook and the Social Feeds app.

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