BlackBerry PlayBook 10in pops up in Vietnam

BlackBerry PlayBook 10in pops up in VietnamA 10in BlackBerry PlayBook was rumoured pretty much as soon as news of the 7in model broke, however the plans were ultimately shelved after the colossal failure (is that too harsh?) of the original.

But what’s this guy? Yep, it’s a 10in BlackBerry PlayBook, courtesy of Tinhte – a Vietnamese forum. Is RIM planning 10in PlayBook action after all?

A google translation details a 10in BlackBerry PlayBook, alongside a 4G 7in model. Indeed, the former has a SIM slot too, so we assume it’ll support LTE.

The OP actually doesn’t say too much about the 10in BlackBerry PlayBook, merely stating that it’s comparable in size to the iPad. The 4G 7in model is said to be identical to the Wi-Fi only BlackBerry PlayBook.

A series of shots reveals the internals of the 10in BlackBerry PlayBook, including a meaty 7,250mAh battery. It's reportedly pretty slim, too.

Will they see the light of day? Well, both models appeared on a recently leaked RIM 2013 roadmap. The 4G BlackBerry PlayBook (7in) was tipped to appear in Q4 2012, with a 10in BlackBerry PlayBook – codenamed Blackforest – supposedly following in, er, Q3 2013.

Incidentally, the original BlackBerry PlayBook (16GB) is currently going for £129 over at PC World.

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