BlackBerry PlayBook Android app support hit by delays?

BlackBerry PlayBook Android app support hit by delays?We were taken a bit by surprise when we first heard that RIM was planning to offer support for Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook – not so much because we thought it was a bad idea, but because RIM normally pushes its own software and services pretty hard.

But sadly, like pretty much everything RIM seems to touch these days, we're now hearing that Android app support still isn't ready, and is almost certain to miss its promised summer arrival.

The PlayBook launched a couple of months ago, but was widely criticised for being an unfinished work. Native email support wasn't there – and neither was the Android app support RIM had also promised slate-hungry BB fans.

RIM promised to rectify the issue by the summer, but according to a “reliable source” quoted by Engadget, it's now looking more like “late fall”, or late autumn in the Queen's English.

The news certainly won't please those who have gone out and bought a PlayBook thinking the update will land sooner rather than later. But then again, given RIM's current woes seemingly across the board, is anyone that surprised?

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