BlackBerry PlayBook email client poses for some pics

BlackBerry PlayBook email client poses for some picsRIM's troubles this year have been so widespread that we've struggled to keep up with them at times, but the BlackBerry PlayBook's lack of native email at launch ranks as one of the bigger blunders of the year.

Our Canadian chums did promise that it was just a temporary situation, but it's been so long since we heard any more about it that quite frankly we thought RIM had forgotten. Well, it turns out it hasn't, and the first screenshots of the long-awaited mail client have surfaced on the web.

The PlayBook launched earlier this year to decidedly mixed reviews, and was widely panned for not offering a native email client on board – a spectacular own goal given how BlackBerry is supposed to be all about communication.

Well, it's finally looking like RIM is ready to draw a line under the matter and dish up the email, contacts and calendar suite for the QNX tablet.

BlackBerry Cool has snagged a few screenshots of the software in action taken from a demo at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum recently, and has some more details on just what you can look forward to.

The only downside is looking forward is all you're going to be doing for a fair while yet, as the suite is only expected to land with version 2.0 of the QNX software which is pencilled in for a February release.

So just a whole year's wait, then...

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