BlackBerry PlayBook heading for the same 'graveyard' as HP TouchPad, says analyst

BlackBerry PlayBook heading for the same 'graveyard' as HP TouchPad, says analystThose quarterly earnings calls are great for the likes of Apple, pretty much giving you the chance to show off to the world how much cash you're making every three months.

It's not so much fun for the likes of RIM, which faces its latest day of reckoning with investors later today. And expectations aren't exactly that great – in fact one analyst has predicted the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is headed for “the same graveyard as the HP TouchPad”.

So it's not been a great 2011 for RIM – this much we know. The business phone market, which it long dominated, has become fair game for everyone in this day and age of ultra-versatile devices and platforms capable of excelling on multiple fronts.

Many analysts saw the PlayBook tablet as a chance for RIM to put down a fresh marker, but it launched essentially unfinished and has been widely panned despite being seen as having plenty of potential in theory.

And it's only got worse, despite RIM's attempts at a rallying cry in the launch of BlackBerry OS 7 and a handful of new phones recently. Brian Blair of Wedge Partners says there's no “meaningful evidence” of a turnaround and that the new phones and OS needed to appear “18–24 months ago”.

He delivered an even more gloomy prognosis on RIM's debut tablet, saying that even though RIM was talking of shipping as many as half a million units over the quarter, and the figure by the end of the year could be as high as 700,000, weak sell-through means “RIM will likely send the PlayBook into the same graveyard as the HP TouchPad”.

With that kind of negativity, it's almost not worth waiting for the figures themselves, but the Canadian mobile giant will nonetheless be quietly hoping to at least hit estimates that have already been adjusted downwards based on weakening expectations.

We'll know before too long either way.


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mobot31  Sep. 15, 2011 at 22:19

So, the same Wedge Partners who's founder came from Marketing at Apple[1] and is now offering "independent tech stock investment advice", whose author of this report earlier this year 'notes Apple have hit a new low of $315, but this is why they're *actually* getting better'[2] (paraphrase) and whose investment projections for said tech firm in 2010 had investment researchers wondering at their 'pretty ambitious assumptions' [3]. Yet in this report offer pessimistic projections despite 'estimates for RIM’s second and third quarters are expected by some analysts to beat Wall Street’s consensus'

At least you stated the singular, analyst, not plural.


jpxdude  Sep. 16, 2011 at 07:29

They took way too long to bring the playbook to the market, as people had much more to look forward to by the time it came out which is a shame. I played with it yesterday and it is a really slick and aesthetically pleasing tablet. Samsungs 7.7 as well as similar sizes from Asus, archos and acer are just around the corner now.

matt101101 / MOD  Sep. 16, 2011 at 07:55

Same graveyard as the TouchPad...hopefully the same price to, then I can have a 7inch tablet as well ;).


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