Second BlackBerry PlayBook OS update, but still no native email

Second BlackBerry PlayBook OS update, but still no native emailBlackBerry Playbook owners are to receive a second over-the-air software update for their BB tablet over the next few days, RIM has announced.

Some will claim this shows RIM's dedication to keeping the tablet right up to date with the latest features as they become available. Others, though, will say it simply proves the theory that the PlayBook wasn't actually finished when RIM launched it.

Either way, the latest update – BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.5 to be specific – will include a new version of the tablet-specific Facebook client, which now includes video-uploading features, improved search and Pages access, and the ability to delete messages.

The new update also adds support for in-app payments, the ability to charge when the PlayBook is switched off, video chat support, increased European language support, better Wi-Fi hotspot detection and a battery level pop-up.

But all of that is unlikely to dampen the disappointment in the continued absence of a native email client, meaning you still need to work in tandem with a BlackBerry smartphone if you want native email.

In addition, we're also still waiting for that Android app support we were promised in the run-up to the PlayBook's release. Guess we'll be keeping our eyes open for a third update, then...

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