Blackberry Playbook outsells iPad in the UK in Nov/Dec 2012

OK slightly misleading title as its only the new iPad that its outsold, not the combined iPad mini, iPad 2 sales

Still good news for RIM!

......BB10 in 3 hours, Hoping for a BB10 release for the Playbook ASAP :)

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 30, 2013 at 12:26

I think the Mini was the big seller in the run up for christmas. They were pretty much 'sold out' until Dec 27 while the big siblings were all in stock.

Surprised to see Vodafone UK start selling the Z10 from tomorrow. I thought they weren't actually selling until Feb 28? But maybe selling and delivering aren't the same? ;)

I definitely want a play with a Z10. My N9 has started to act funny - reflashed fw without success. It got very laggy.
I like the iPhone 5, but can't persuade myself to buy one. Plus: iOS uses ridiculous amounts of data. Android will get a break from me for a year or so... let it mature :p
WP is still too ugly, and heck - I'd rather not give MS any of my money or info.
Considering another Pre 3, actually :D


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