BlackBerry PlayBook UK pre-registration begins

BlackBerry PlayBook UK pre-registration beginsIf you haven’t been put off by the lukewarm reception it received Stateside, you can now pre-register your interest (as opposed to just registering your interest, which is an entirely different thing) in the BlackBerry PlayBook with Carphone Warehouse.

The pre-registration page doesn’t give anything away in terms of a possible release date or pricing, but Carphone Warehouse does confirm it’ll stock the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models.

There have been suggestions that the BlackBerry PlayBook was rushed out. It launched last week in the States, but doesn’t yet have email capabilities. Unless, that is, you already have a BlackBerry, in which case you can access your email with a spot of tethering.

CEO Jim Balsillie reckons the BlackBerry PlayBook is a better proposition than the iPad 2, saying: “This is superior. It’s far more portable, it’s lighter in your hands, you can hold it for longer.” With regards to those emails problems, he promises: "We'll have an over the air email client to announce very, very soon."

Presumably RIM will have all that nonsense well and truly sorted by the time the BlackBerry PlayBook launches over here. We reckon it’ll be June-ish.

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DJT876  May. 6, 2011 at 14:07

you know how you get bored of new gadgets after a year or so of owning them. How is it I feel that way about the playbook without even owning it? I've gone through the spectrum of excitement to anticipation to irritation to indifference...
Bought my first Apple product this week, the refreshed 27" iMac, which I did not think I would get on with so well. Am sorely tempted to abandom BB for the new iphone 5 later this year, there seems little reason to stay and a tonne of reasons to leave. It's a shame.


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