BlackBerry posts a profit but is losing 1m users a month

BlackBerry posts a profit but is losing 1m users a monthIt's genuinely hard to know what to make of BlackBerry's latest quarterly figures, announced today.

The company actually made a profit, but its user base shrank by 3m and analysts remain sharply divided over the BlackBerry Z10 and whether it can spearhead a return to power for the Canadian smartphone maker.

Here's the hard data: total revenues for the company's Q4 quarter (which ended on March 2) came in at $2.7bn, resulting in a 22c per share profit, a pleasant surprise since expectations were for a 29c per share loss.

BB sold a total of six million smartphones, of which a million were BlackBerry Z10s. The latter figure was exactly per expectations, though analysts were looking for 6.5m phones in total.

However, the quarter also saw BlackBerry shed a million users a month, starting on 79m and ending on 76m – a trend the company will want to turn around in a hurry.

Still, altogether it's not the disastrous picture some have been painting. Considering typical BlackBerry users are perceived as fairly loyal, the fact that there are still 76 million of them is encouraging (even though many might actually be disgruntled subscribers simply seeing out existing contracts).

Plus, a second straight profitable quarter will keep some of the more negative headlines at bay, especially with plenty of negativity elsewhere to focus on.

It'll be more interesting seeing the next set of figures, which will include a full quarter of BlackBerry Z10 sales, plus hopefully some Q10 sales too. They'll also show the real level of demand for the BlackBerry 10 vision with the post-launch dust firmly settled and the effect of newly launched competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S4 fully factored in.

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Stelph  Mar. 28, 2013 at 21:06

I thought it "shipped" a millionmz10's so it didn't really sell a million

Not a bad start tho and its nice to see that cost cuttings have helped make the company profitable again, they may need to start cutting the prices of their z10 and q10 range tho if the sales don't pick up since they have to make sure they stop the rot of customers moving away to other phones

mightyforest  Mar. 28, 2013 at 21:44

a million a month , wow , is that faster than the demise of symbian

JanSt / MOD  Mar. 28, 2013 at 23:40

a million a month , wow , is that faster than the demise of symbian

Yeah, well... Not counting the overpriced 9900, it's been ages since they released anything significant.. And Whatsapp and countless other 'services' and apps have introduced viable alternatives to BBM - not too mention that the price for an 8520 buys you a G300 with loadsa money for top-up left.

I still believe they have a good chance, but they do need to come up with something affordable. And Heins' hinting at something 'more amazing than the Z10' was foolish imho.
That's what they did to the 9900.


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