BlackBerry considering going private to buy more time?

BlackBerry considering going private to buy more time?BlackBerry is reportedly considering going private to buy itself a bit more time to turn around its flagging fortunes.

Reuters claims the BlackBerry board has been discussing and “increasingly coming around” to the idea, as the under-pressure company looks to plot its next move.

The all-new BlackBerry 10 operating platform has been out in the wild for more than half a year now, but device sales have failed to impress so far and BlackBerry's share price has fallen a further 19% this year after sustaining heavy losses in 2012.

However, unnamed sources are now claiming the Canadian firm is willing to consider selling out to a private investor and taking the company off the stock exchange in a bid to “fix its problems out of the public eye”.

“There is a change of tone on the board,” one of the sources told Reuters yesterday.

The unnamed insiders stress that a deal isn't imminent, but is simply one of the options being considered as the company's troubles show little sign of easing even now that BlackBerry 10 is on the market.

However, that in itself means it won't be easy convincing a private investor to trump up the money to buy out shareholders, with all indications right now pointing to Microsoft and Windows Phone 8 being well on top in the battle for “third ecosystem” honours behind Android and iOS.

BlackBerry itself, you won't be surprised to hear, isn't commenting on the rumours. It's official stance remains the same as it always was: the company is excited about BlackBerry 10, and has a number of exciting products in the pipelines (including the rumoured Aristo A10/Z30 phablet) that will expand its reach and up the sales momentum.

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