BlackBerry promises to once again get flirty with QWERTY

BlackBerry promises to once again get flirty with QWERTYIt's gone slightly under the radar because of CES 2014 this week, but BlackBerry's re-evolution under new boss John Chen has taken its latest step back to the future.

And it continues to be very much an undoing of many decisions taken by the previous Thorsten Heins regime, this time the decision to prioritise all-touch displays over physical keyboards.

BlackBerry never turned its back on QWERTY, of course, but very pointedly launched the BlackBerry 10 era with the all-touch Z10 rather than the keyboard-based Q10, and since then has stepped further away from its historic base of strength by launching the larger Z30 phablet, its first handset to break the 5in display size.

However, that was under previous CEO Heins, and Chen now says he sees BlackBerry's future lying “predominantly” with keyboard-equipped smartphones.

“I personally love the keyboards,” he is quoted by Bloomberg as saying.

That'll be music to the ears of BlackBerry traditionalists, but could also prove a clever move considering how few smartphone makers seem willing to even consider going there in these display-driven days.

BlackBerry has also chosen to part ways with creative director Alicia Keys, who was appointed to the largely ambassadorial role by Heins at the BlackBerry 10 launch event a year ago.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 10, 2014 at 12:38

Makes sense - AFTER you optimise the OS for touch, show BB7 users the finger, and put cr*p cameras into £500 QWERTY phones designed to 'share' and be connected...

Are there business class fortune cookies? Is that where BB get their strategy talk from?


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