Can the BlackBerry Q5 get Whatsapp and Snapchat

BlackBerry Q5 looks good for around £100.
Can it get Whatsapp and Snapchat apps though?

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 13, 2014 at 08:45

Yes, there is a native Whatsapp app for Blackberry 10 devices available in the Blackberry World.
As to SnapChat: no official Snapchat client, but 3rd party apps such as Snappy should keep you going until the hype dies :p

Also: You can now install an app to BB10 devices that let you access the Google Playstore directly. So you can access and download most Android apps without any hassle. You have full access to your Android/Google account... Last year when BB10 launched, Android apps ran pretty poorly, and I b*tched about it quite a lot. But I tried
it again last week (in fact, I'm currently using a Z10) and some apps I tried run as well on the Z10 as they do on an Android device. Oh, the app to access Google PlayStore from a BB10 device is called "Snap", by the way.


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