BlackBerry QNX dubbed BBX?

BlackBerry QNX dubbed BBX?Is there anything cooler than adding an X to your name? Let’s see, there’s Jason X, Malcolm X, and Television X, all among the best in their respective fields (killing teenagers, pioneering human rights, and erotic entertainment).

Well, it sounds like RIM subscribes to that notion too, as its next smartphone platform is thought to be called BlackBerry X, or BBX for short.

The leak came during the QNX Auto Summit Japan 2011, which was primarily concerned with QNX-based in-car entertainment. A system called QNX Car 2 was said to be compatible with iOS, Android and a little something called BBX.

The ailing BlackBerry PlayBook’s OS is based on QNX Neutrino. It’s thought that BlackBerry smartphones will make the transition to QNX-based action in future too, starting with the BlackBerry Colt.

It’s all still a bit vague at the moment, but the BlackBerry DevCon event seems like a safe bet for finding out more. It gets underway on October 18.

via: CrackBerry

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