BlackBerry R10 specs leaked, will match high-end Q10's 720p display?

BlackBerry R10 specs leaked, will match high-end Q10's 720p display?The upcoming QWERTY-based BlackBerry R10 is poised to be the third BlackBerry 10 handset to hit the streets, and we have some freshly leaked specs to report to give you an idea of what to expect.

Chinese site DGtle reckons the R10 will feature the same 3.1in 720p display as its upmarket cousin the BlackBerry Q10, but will compromise elsewhere its achieve a more affordable price tag. 

Probably the most noticeable of those compromises is the plastic body, but the 5MP camera is also more basic, and you'll have to make do with 8GB of storage rather than the Q10's 16GB.

There's nothing on the processor that'll be running the show inside, but we are told the R10 will have 2GB of RAM, which should make for seamless multitasking.

Battery-wise the R10 will come with an 1,800mAh cell, which will probably be on a par with the Q10's 2,100mAh unit considering the more modest specification.

The final claim is possibly the most interesting, though: BlackBerry will supposedly be showing off its third BB10 handset at BlackBerry Live in Florida next week.

We're probably talking a preview rather than a full launch – in other words, not like with the flagship Z10 that went on sale the day after being unveiled.

So we'll no doubt have to wait a bit longer to hear the biggest piece of information still outstanding: how much will BlackBerry's mid-range QWERTY warrior cost?

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Stelph  May. 9, 2013 at 09:55

Could do well, rimours are the Q10 is doing better than Z10 in sales so obviously the keyboard blackberry is quite a popular thing, a mid-range cheaper version should, therefore, do quite well


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