BlackBerry Rio: high-end, all-touch, launching 2015?

BlackBerry Rio: high-end, all-touch, launching 2015?It’s amusing that every time a new high-end BlackBerry phone is rumoured, the collective blogosphere wonders: ‘Could this be BlackBerry’s saviour?’ Never say never, I guess.

The latest candidate for reversing the Canadian manufacturer’s ailing fortunes is something called the BlackBerry Rio, an all-touch flagship.

That’s the story over on N4BB, though curiously – you couldn’t make this up – the body of the article seems to have vanished.

Not that there’s a whole lot of detail to share, anyway. In terms of BlackBerry Rio specs, all we know is that it’ll be the first high-end all-touch BlackBerry phone since the year-old Z30, which was generally praised for its battery life and premium build. Don’t expect the BlackBerry Rio to deviate too much.

The only other titbit we have to share for now is that the BlackBerry Rio is in its early stages, so whatever state it’s in right now might well change before launch. Whenever that might be.

The Canadians’ recent output includes the QWERTY-rockin’ BlackBerry Passport, a divisive beast with a 1:1 – yep, square – display, while the smaller BlackBerry Classic should – all going well – touch down in time for Christmas.

The operating system was recently given a boost with access to the Amazon Android Appstore – in addition to the native BlackBerry World.

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