BlackBerry services coming to giffgaff

BlackBerry services coming to giffgaffIt’s been a long time coming, and something we’ve been asked about numerous times on the discussion boards, but – starting soonish – BlackBerry customers will finally be able to take advantage of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) giffgaff.

giffgaff, of course, is often cited as the best option for month-to-month deals with zero commitment. Bonza.

From November 24, there’ll be an option to grab a BlackBerry add-on when purchasing a “goodybag” – giffgaff’s name for a month-long allowance of minutes, texts and data.

In keeping with their rep for relative cheapness, the add-on will cost £3, and not the fiver commonly charged by other networks.

giffgaff also offers balls-out PAYG action as opposed to goodybags, but the BlackBerry add-on will only be available with the latter.

On the poo side, you won’t be able to purchase the add-on till you’re buying a goodybag, so you’ll have to wait till your current allowance runs out (assuming you’re already using giffgaff). Ah well, another few days won’t make much difference, eh?

Also, data roaming will be limited to 10MB per day, but - silver lining incoming - it’ll be entirely free.

It’s about time BlackBerry owners got some good news.

via: Tracy and Matt

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