BlackBerry speaks out against suspicious BBM reviews on Google Play

BlackBerry speaks out against suspicious BBM reviews on Google PlayIn the same week that Samsung came under fire for paying trolls-for-hire to bash HTC online, eyebrows were raised at a number of highly suspicious BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) ratings on Google Play.

The Canadian manufacturer has issued a statement condemning the reviews, and claiming it has nothing to do with them.

Head over to Google Play and you’ll see a number of frankly bizarre BBM for Android reviews, many of which are identical.

A common post reads: “Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth.” Expanding the Reviews section, that comment accounts for five of eight recent posts.

Even more bizarre, the reviews give BBM for Android anything from one to five stars, though generally the latter – full marks.

A BlackBerry spokesperson tells The Next Web: “We have been made aware of a number of potentially fake reviews of BBM for Android on Google Play, with ratings anywhere from one to five stars.

“We have no knowledge of how these reviews were created or populated. We do not approve of or condone such activities.

“There are also many genuinely great and useful reviews from our new BBM users on Google Play. We would like to encourage our fans and users to continue to provide true assessments of the BBM experience through the proper channels.”

BBM notched up an impressive 10 million downloads in its first day of release on the App Store and Google Play, but users faced a wait time of over 24 hours for activation, while some (including myself) have questioned the use of the old-school PIN system to find contacts.

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