BlackBerry looking to spin off BBM into a separate entity?

BlackBerry looking to spin off BBM into a separate entity?A couple of weeks back we reported on the “special committee” BlackBerry had set up to look into its business options going forward, but since then things have gone fairly quiet up Waterloo, Ontario way.

Today, though, comes the whispered rumour that BlackBerry is considering spinning off its BBM messaging service into a standalone subsidiary, presumably to boost its appeal to potential buyers.

That's what the Wall Street Journal says, anyway. According to its sources, the division would be known as BBM Inc, and would oversee BBM's expansion from a BlackBerry-only messaging client to a more widespread communication service along the lines of Twitter or Skype.

The first steps along that road are already happening now with the imminent rollout of BBM to Android and iOS users, while a desktop version is also reportedly in the pipelines, though BlackBerry isn't prepared to confirm as much at the moment.

“We have announced our plans to offer this trusted mobile messaging service to iPhone and Android users sometime this summer,” a spokesperson said.

“We have made no further announcements, [and] we haven't announced any initiatives to bring BBM to the desktop.”

The concern of spinning BBM off on its own is that it would potentially leave BlackBerry's smartphone division without arguably its most valuable asset, which could prove a mistake if BlackBerry does decide the best move is to sell some or part of its operation.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 28, 2013 at 14:04

Blackberry really really give Elop a hard time when it comes to making odd decisions.


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