Why BlackBerry isn't working on a 5-inch 'phablet'

Why BlackBerry isn't working on a 5-inch 'phablet'

The BlackBerry 10 era is in its early days but now that the Z10 and Q10 have laid down a marker for the basic all-touch and QWERTY form factors, the question is what comes next?

Consensus is that a minimum of two or three more BlackBerry 10 handsets will arrive before the end of the year, but what exactly can we expect?

BlackBerry boss Thorsten Heins himself suggested back at the Z10 launch in January that for the time being we're unlikely to see much variation on the 4.2in and 3.1in screen sizes introduced by the Z10 and Q10.

Yet that isn't stopping media-friendly Jefferies analyst Peter Misek from predicting a phablet-style 5in addition to the BlackBerry family around Christmas-time.

He also touts the likelihood of a couple of mid-rangers along the same lines as the Z10 and Q10, which would be consistent with the BlackBerry R10 rumours that have popped up recently.

But what about that 5in Megaberry? The only indication we've had at all that such a thing could be in the offing is the recent “roadmap” hinting at a larger U10 phablet at year end, but that has since proved to be a bogus April Fool's joke.

Heins himself has said “there's one new product I'm really excited about, but I can't really share it. It takes BlackBerry 10 to another level in terms of the user experience.” But he was also the one who said they were sticking to two basic templates back in January.

So in other words, he's probably talking about the successor to the Z10, or possibly an evolution of the QWERTY concept on the next-gen Q10.

But BlackBerry recently ruled out a PlayBook 2 tablet for the time being, saying it wanted to focus all its efforts on making its smartphones a success. But that's just a PR-friendly spin on the fact that having seriously cut back on all levels of its operations over the past 18 months, it doesn't have the resources to simultaneously develop a large number of product types any more.

That's why it's sticking with the 4.2in and 3.1in device types, why it's put the PlayBook 2 on the back-burner, and why anyone expecting a BlackBerry phablet anytime soon is surely going to be disappointed.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 17, 2013 at 13:23

Here I thought it was something in BB10 that made a 5-incher impossible. But it's just a great analyst gas ball :p


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