BlackBerry's rumoured C-Series surfaces again in new pics

BlackBerry's rumoured C-Series surfaces again in new picsNow that BlackBerry's immediate future has been secured, we can safely get back to speculating about new BlackBerry handsets we're hoping to see in the next few months.

And today it's a return to semi-familiar territory with a freshly leaked image of what we're told is the first handset in a new BlackBerry C-Series line.

Whispers about the C-Series, supposedly a more affordable line of smartphones than the existing Q and Z ranges, started emerging just as news of a potential $4.7bn buyout of the whole company broke in late September.

Not surprisingly, all talk of new devices was sidelined under the circumstances, but now the C-Series is back, thanks to a sharp-eyed CrackBerry forum user.

The pic in question – and several other similar snaps – come directly from BlackBerry's own BB10 OS tutorials, and while only the rear of the device is shown, the general shape and rounded edges broadly jibe with the blurry shot of the front of the handset that leaked back in September.

Supposedly the C-Series will straddle the form factor divide and appear in both all-touch and QWERTY variants, while suggested specs include a 4.5in 720p display, Snapdragon 400 processor and a 5MP camera.

That's if it appears at all. Even ignoring the very real possibility that BlackBerry's product plans have been scaled back over the past few months, the pics could potentially be shots of a prototype or development device that will never see the light of day.

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