Bloomberg: Samsung to launch phone with ‘three-sided display’ next year

Bloomberg: Samsung to launch phone with ‘three-sided display’ next yearFollowing the trend of throwing every conceivable device at the wall and seeing what sticks (though commendably sidestepping the brief 3D fad), Samsung is said to be prepping a phone with a three-sided display.

More specifically, you’ll have your bog standard display on the front, while the sides are capable of displaying content independently. Interesting.

That’s the story over on Bloomberg, with credit going to people “asking not to be identified because the plans haven’t been released.”

The people say Samsung’s three-sided display could be used in an upcoming Galaxy S or Galaxy Note, or perhaps be the first in an entirely new line of phone. So basically it could be anything? Gotcha.

We very much doubt it’ll be a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note. Last month, Samsung launched the utterly ridiculous Samsung Galaxy Round, and while the spec sheet is almost identical to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a Galaxy Note it is not.

The headline feature on the Samsung Galaxy Round is the curved display, folded around the vertical axis. Why? So you can tilt it when it’s on a flat surface. Just what everyone’s been crying out for.

On a similar note, Samsung is said to prepping a couple of devices with foldable displays for 2015. To be fair, we do quite like the idea of a phone that folds out into a full-size tablet.

Clearly the South Koreans believe curved and/or folding stuff is the way of the future. Or maybe they’ve completely lost the plot. In any case, expect Samsung to be ahead of the curve when it comes to releasing such beasts.

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