Bloomberg spills more on the HTC Amazon smartphone plan

Bloomberg spills more on the HTC Amazon smartphone planI scribbled yesterday about the latest Amazon smartphone rumours, specifically that ailing Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is seemingly on board to deliver a whopping three different Amazon smartphones.

In the wake of that particular story, further anonymous figures are emerging to whisper about the plans, saying that HTC and Amazon have been in talks since June this year.

It’s Bloomberg serving the latest batch of Amazon smartphone rumour juice, with credit going to “two people familiar with the talks”.

They’re apparently saying that the Amazon smartphone is specifically aimed at users of the Amazon Prime service, with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of devices that can access Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon Prime currently costs £49/year in the UK, with the headline feature being free and unlimited express delivery. Customers can also "borrow" Kindle books.

Last month, we were told that the Amazon smartphone would arrive this year, perhaps costing as little as… nothing. One theory put forward was that it’d be free for Amazon Prime subscribers, but Amazon quickly moved to deny both the 2013 release and the idea of it being free.

The Amazon smartphone has been rumoured for almost two years now, around the time of the original Amazon Kindle Fire release.

We’re still unconvinced about the logic behind such a device, and indeed we’re told again that Amazon might yet decide not to go ahead with it.

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