Yet another bloomin' Nokia roundup

Yet another bloomin' Nokia roundupWhat the furg? It was Nokia mania in the news last week, so we figured it’d be all quiet on the Nokifront this week. Not so.

Last week we had the N9 (finally), the Sea Ray (Nokia’s first WP7 device), Android apps for MeeGo, and lots more. This week wasn’t quite as crazy, but there was still plenty of meat to chew on.

First, we had a reminder from Elop that the N9 is just a one-off. There’s a general feeling that Nokia’s new(ish) CEO is very much looking forward to putting the MeeGo saga to bed.

If the OS is well received, questions will inevitably be asked about Nokia’s decision to ditch the platform. Having said that, part of the problem was the pace at which MeeGo-based phones were being developed, with only three expected before 2014.

Also, if the N9 does prove popular (and it’s certainly looking that way based on the reaction on the cyberweb), it’ll inevitably irk Ballmer and crew, who’re keeping their collective fingers crossed that the Finns’ arrival will give Windows Phone 7 a much-needed boost.

On the other hand, if the N9 bombs, it’ll confirm that – yes, that whole MeeGo fiasco was a huge waste of time and money.

What else happened this week? We met the Nokia N5, a Symbian Anna-running phone with fairly modest specs. It’s said to be the first of three new N phones (the others being the N6 and N7), and they’re expected to replace the low-end S60 range.

Oh look, it’s yet more Nokias details a further four new phones, with decidedly girlie names. There’s the Cindy, Fate, Helen and Zeta. Hit the link to check out the specs.

There are rumours that Microsoft might be going button-free with Mango. The leaked Sea Ray might see some changes before its release later this year, but it certainly didn’t have any buttons.

Speaking of the Sea Ray’s design, it looked remarkably similar to the N9, and there were indeed rumours this week that the UK might only see the former. We certainly hope that’s not the case.

Nokia closed its UK online store on Thursday. It claims the decision was driven by the increased choice in SIM-free retailers, such as Amazon,, Expansys and Clove. Fair enough.

And finally, just this morning, we’ve got Nokia taking credit for the recent boost in the number of apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Clearly I lied when I said it wasn’t quite as crazy this week. Sorry.

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