Brits go crazy for mobile gaming

Brits go crazy for mobile gamingA survey conducted by Info Solutions Group on behalf of PopCap (developer of Bejewled and the awesome Plants vs Zombies) suggests that half of all mobile users have played a game on their phone at some point.

2,425 mobile users across the UK and US were quizzed about their mobile gaming habits. It’s estimated that 73% of UK mobile owners have played games on their phones, compared to just 44% in the US.

Three quarters of mobile gamers were classed as “avid”, having played a mobile game in the past week.

Backing up the notion that games aren’t just for kids, the average age of a mobile gamer is 39.3, while avid gamers are slightly younger, at 38.

Smartphone owners are more keen on gaming than their “standard” or “web-enabled” brothers, with 83% playing in the past week. 45% of smartphone users are estimated to play games on a daily basis.

In 2009, only 17% of mobile gamers played primarily on their phones. At that time, 53% said they favoured their computers for gaming. However, in 2011, over half of avid gamers favour their phones.

Head over to Info Solutions Group for the full report.

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