Bubble Wrap iPhone review

Bubble Wrap iPhone reviewI’ve reviewed some silly apps in my time. iHandy Torch and Strip the Difference immediately spring to mind. Good times. For my next trick, I will review a Bubble Wrap simulator.

Bubble Wrap is currently riding high on the App Store’s Best Free Games, so I figured I owe it to Mobotniks – nay humanity – to get stuck in and see what’s what.

I’ve just noticed on the App Store: BubbleWrap and Bubble Wrap are registered trademarks of Sealed Air Corporation (US) and used here under license. Fantastic. So this is effectively the official Bubble Wrap game.

And I use the term “game” correctly. There’s more to this bad boy than just aimlessly popping bubbles.

Let’s start off with the basics, however. Each sheet of Bubble Wrap has a whopping 2,000 bubbles to pop, and there are five colours to choose from, namely blue, white/clear, pink, black and some sort of green.

Just Pop mode does what it says on the tin – all you do is pop bubbles. You can navigate around the sheet with a swipe of the screen, and pinch to zoom in and out. The app also supports multitouch, so you can pop multiple bubbles simultaneously.

The App Store blurb boasts that the popping sounds have been “professionally recorded”. To be fair, they do sound pretty good, and the pitch changes as you zoom in and out.

Sadly, Bubble Wrap falls way short when it comes to emulating the unbridled joy that comes with popping Bubble Wrap in real life. But hey, that was to be expected. In a bid to hold our attention, Bubble Wrap throws in three other modes.

In Blitz Pop, the aim is to burst as many bubbles as possible in 60 seconds; Pop 500 is a race to burst – you guessed it – 500 bubbles; Pop All tasks you with popping all 2,000 bubbles.

Other than high scores and best times, there’s not a whole lot to aim for here. As such, Bubble Wrap is unlikely to serve as anything other than a vaguely amusing and very brief distraction.


  • Five colours
  • Three game modes
  • Er, sounds good


  • Veeery samey (pop, pop, pop…)

Summary: Do yourself a favour and grab some real Bubble Wrap.

Developer: Lima Sky

Requires: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: free (with ads) or 69p @ App Store

Bubble Wrap iPhone review

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