Buganoids iPhone review

Buganoids iPhone reviewBuganoids, which deservedly appeared in our Best free iPhone games series, is a little bundle of old-school joy. A delicious slice of retro goodness. An 8-bit-style diamond in the rough. And so on.

In Buganoids, you run around the circumference of moons, and have to blast waves of space monsters. The monsters appear from craters near the centre of the moons; it’s a good idea to take them out before they reach the outside or you won’t last much longer. Run, shoot, avoid monsters. Simple.

You start off with a basic blaster but there’s a range of upgrades, including a flame thrower and a rocket launcher with handy homing capabilities. Oh, and a satisfying smart bomb that takes out everything on the screen. Great stuff.

The monsters are fairly varied too. Among others, there’s a big long thingy that splits into loads of different parts when you blast it, and a turtle type alien who occasionally hides inside his shell.

The moons are all quite samey. The ice planet is slippery, but it doesn’t get a great deal more varied than that.

The touch controls work well enough. Basically you’re just running left and right while shooting. Not overly ambitious and effective within the context of the game, so no complaints here.

As with Backflip Studios’ other great free title, Paper Toss, you can pay 59p to remove the ads along the top. It’s personal preference really, but they don’t tend to bother me much.


  • Satisfyingly retro
  • Nice little range of weapons
  • It’s free!


  • It’s all quite samey after a while
  • The ads (meh)

Summary: Buganoids is great retro fun. It does become a little samey after extended play, but it’s still massively charming. And it’s free!

Developer: Backflip Studios

Compatibilty: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: free! @ App Store

Buganoids iPhone review

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