Build your OwnFone: get a personalised handset for just £55

Build your OwnFone: get a personalised handset for just £55We generally focus our attention towards the other end of the mobile scale, but here's something interesting: the OwnFone, a new device looking to add a splash of colour and innovation to your life for just £55.

It's made by Cycell, which already makes a similar device for the Parkinson's community, and takes personalisation to the next level by allowing you to specify your own choice of features before the phone is even built.

The device itself starts as a blank template, on which you can add a keypad of two, four, eight or twelve buttons – each of which is pre-programmed to call a specific contact, with their name appearing on the button itself.

You can further customise the design through a choice of six colours, and add a background image or pattern to the chassis. To finish the ordering process, enter in your chosen contacts and their numbers, and that's that: your OwnFone will arrive in the post having been built to your exact specifications.

There's no screen, radio, Wi-Fi or any connections of any kind, which effectively makes the OwnFone theft-proof, as the only thing it can do is call your chosen contacts, and their numbers aren't even stored on the device.

The OwnFone is available for £55 or on a choice of three airtime packages starting at £7.50 a month, with only a month's notice required at any time should you wish to cancel.

Cycell reckons the OwnFone is ideal for children or the elderly, but weighing just 40g and at 7mm thick, it's actually not a bad backup phone to have with you at music festivals, say, or when exercising, especially since you have the option to forward calls from your primary device.

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