Bunny Shooter iPhone review

Bunny Shooter iPhone reviewAt some point while playing Bunny Shooter I had a minor panic and thought I might’ve reviewed it before. Turns out I was thinking of Block Shooter. Phew.

Confusing the two is easily done, since they’re both Angry Birds clones, and both surprisingly ok.

You all know the deal with Angry Birds, right? So I don’t need to explain in too much detail. Bunny Shooter is another “physics-based” puzzler for iOS, and essentially replaces the evil pigs from Rovio’s game with evil pink bunnies, and instead of angry birds we’ve got an angry bow-and-arrow-wielding maniac.

As in Angry Birds (and Block Shooter, and pretty much every other Angry Birds clone), you get a star rating from one to three, depending on how many projectiles you use. Fairly standard stuff for these physics-based puzzlers.

Incidentally, the star ratings aren’t particularly important. Unlocking the other worlds is simply a case of completing all the levels in the preceding world, regardless of score.

I was a little underwhelmed at first, but Bunny Shooter gradually introduces new elements to keep things interesting. There are anvils (which arrows can ricochet off), bowling balls, balloons and bombs.

Still, I wasn’t overly impressed. Until I got to level 29 in the first world.

Level 29 starts off with a bomb tethered to two balloons and an anvil. First you have to shoot the rope tied to the anvil, which frees the bomb to float away. However, one of the balloons gets stuck on some scenery, so you have to skilfully shoot that rope, allowing the second balloon to carry the bomb over the unsuspecting pink bunnies. Neat.

Actually, come to think of it, there’s a heck of a lot of rope play involved, so a significant nod should also be aimed at the excellent Cut the Rope.

The recent 1.2 update introduced a third world, so you’re looking at 180 levels, offering something like 7-8 hours of gameplay. Considering you can pick up Bunny Shooter for free (with removable-for-69p ads, natch) I highly recommend it.

Thinking out loud here, I’d probably give Bunny Shooter 3/5 if you had to pay 69p, but being free gets it an extra point. Is that silly? Perhaps.


  • Free (with ads)
  • 180 levels
  • Some cool level designs


  • It’s not Angry Birds
  • Or Cut the Rope

Summary: Bunny Shooter is a shameless Angry Birds clone (or homage, if you prefer), which also gives a nod to Cut the Rope. It’s quite good. The end.

Developer: Best, Cool & Fun Games

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: Free @ App Store

Bunny Shooter iPhone review

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