Buttonless HTC superphone leaked in new pictures

Buttonless HTC superphone leaked in new picturesWe've seen a fair bit this week of HTC's plans for the year, and we've been told a tablet called the HTC Flyer exists, so we're not quite sure what to do with this latest snippet of product rumour to escape from the web's underbelly.

A new HTC-branded device has been photographed bearing a Verizon logo – so supposedly heading for the US market, among others – but having surfaced on a Chinese forum.

Notably, it sports zero physical buttons, which is quite ironic given the hand-wrenching debate that has gone on over the last week over whether the next iPad or iPhone will ditch the Home button for an all-touch interface.

Returning to our mystery HTC device, though, its size seems to place it right among the most steroid-packed of superphones currently doing the rounds – certainly in 4in-plus territory. The two photographs showing the front and back of the device reveal little else other than a dual-LED flash and a rather unsightly swelling – this is no Xperia Arc-threatening skinnyphone.

Throw the high-end flash and large screen together, though, and we'll happily bet our modest savings that we'll be talking about Android, dual-core processors, 8-megapixel cameras and HD video shooting when the specs do come rolling in.

More, hopefully, will be revealed at Mobile World Congress.

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