What's the better buy: the Samsung Galaxy S5 for £279 or the HTC One (M8) for £289?

Looking at today's Vodafone Pay As You Go deals. Woah!

But which is the better deal, the Samsung Galaxy S5 for £279 or the HTC One (M8) for £289? I've had an HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S2 in the past and loved them both!

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CTPAHHIK  Dec. 24, 2014 at 11:31

They are very similar phones and your ultimate decision would be down to looks and personal preference.
Neither phone has better battery life, faster, better camera, different screen, etc. Differences are very subtle.
(HTC does have weird 4MP camera, but I didn't notice any difference for occasional picture here and there)

Go to the store and take a look at both phones. Aesthetically, they are completely different. Take a look at UI of both as they are, also, completely different.

If you are planning to wipe phone and install custom Android ROM from XDA, I would go with HTC.

JanSt / MOD  Dec. 24, 2014 at 15:25

What you must know is this: the Htc One M8 looks nice, but it really really needs a case.
The metal housing dents easily. And when Consumer Report tested flagship devices during the so-called Bendgate after the iPhone 6 Plus bendy rumours, the One M8 actually fared worst.

The M8 camera is a mixed bag. It is very good in low light, and bursts come out better than on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, but in bright light high contrast makes all photos look weird. And some colours are ridiculously oversaturated consistently. Greens easily tend towards neon...
But overall it is - oddly enough - one of my favourite snapper. It's really very fast which is good when you just wanna catch that moment.
I haven't used the SGS5 for long enough to judge it. Camera seemed okay, and my impression was that it is sturdier than the M8.


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