Should I buy a tablet?

I have an HTC Desire and a good laptop but I find myself wanting a tablet... for some reason!! Does anyone have a tablet? Do you use it much? Would you recommend spending £400 on one? Thanks :o)

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CTPAHHIK  Nov. 3, 2011 at 14:32

Hold on, let me get my crystal ball.

Hmm, where did I put it? Not here, wrong ball, this one is broken (reminder to throw it out).
What this? Looks round and really dusty. Ok, this will do.

Rub it, rub it again, look at it attentively. Ahh, sh*t, I'm holding it wrong.

Aha, sorry, stars are not aligned for buying a tablet at this time. Try closer to Christmas holidays - it should be cheaper. I can see in my not so crystal ball that your future financial situation does let you afford Christmas presents for friends and family together with high end tablet. (_;)


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