Candy Crush Saga finally tops 2013 monthly App Store revenue chart

Candy Crush Saga finally tops 2013 monthly App Store revenue chartIf there’s one thing we love here at Mobot (in addition to mobile phones, boobies and pizza), it’s a big bunch of stats to chew on, preferably with some sort of delicious pie chart accompaniment.

App Annie has answered our prayers, with a colossal report detailing App Store and Google Play game downloads and revenue for the month of May. Interesting stuff.

It’s good news for the evil genius that is Candy Crush Saga across the board, with’s freemium nightmare topping Google Play in downloads, and the App Store in both downloads and revenue.

Candy Crush Saga was already the most downloaded game in April, and the money is clearly rolling in, thanks to 69p in-app purchases for extra lives, extra moves, and extra chapters.

Incidentally, looking at App Store revenue, Candy Crush Saga dethrones Japan’s Puzzle & Dragons (it's still top on Google Play), a game that I continue to read loads about, but while it’s been given a US release, the UK version remains elusive. I should probably email the developers or something.

Behold! Some Top 3 thingies for May 2013 (links to reviews, where appropriate):

Top 3 iOS game downloads

Top 3 Google Play game downloads

Top 3 iOS games by revenue

Top 3 Google Play games by revenue

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 1, 2013 at 17:53

And I still don't 'get' it :p


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