Canonical stokes the Ubuntu phone fire; they’re still coming soon

Canonical stokes the Ubuntu phone fire; they’re still coming soonThe Ubuntu Edge might’ve failed to secure its $32 million crowd-funding target last year, but we’re hearing that the hardware dream is still very much alive (again) thanks to established mobile manufacturers.

Without dealing any concrete information, Canonical Community Manager Jono Bacon (fantastic name) says we should still expect a bunch of Ubuntu phones in 2014.

Jono effectively regurgitates the speech bubbles served by Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical’s leader of strategy, back in December. Shuttleworth revealed that Canonical had secured a mystery hardware partner for a Ubuntu phone – and that other OEMs were interested.

Speaking in a Google Hangout, Bacon yelled: "I'm confident that in 2014 you're going to see a number of Ubuntu phones hitting the market. I can't tell you [who it will be] right now but I can tell you that some awesome things are happening."

It’s anyone’s guess, but ailing Taiwanese manufacturer HTC must be considering alternative avenues. The critically acclaimed HTC One failed to trouble the so-so Samsung Galaxy S4 in 2013, and things look unlikely to change in 2014, with the South Koreans utterly dominant.

And speaking of Samsung, it generally likes to keep a finger in every pie, though it’s busy beavering away on the first Tizen smartphone, which failed to meet its promised 2013 release date.

In any case, we expect to learn more about the Ubuntu smartphone(s) at MWC 2014 at the end of February. Hopefully.

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