Carphone Warehouse: Android’s year on year growth over 2000%

Carphone Warehouse: Android’s year on year growth over 2000%Yes, yet another story reinforcing the ridiculous popularity of Android. The Carphone Warehouse, Europe’s largest independent mobile retailer, recently sold its one millionth Android smartphone. In celebration, it has released a press statement worshipping all things Android.

The statement begins: “The Carphone Warehouse is celebrating the sale of its one millionth Android smartphone in Europe. Android has become increasingly popular over the past year and hitting this landmark figure reflects not just the growing demand for Android smartphones amongst consumers, but also the increasing product range they present customers.”

The Carphone Warehouse attributes much of Android’s success to the HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy S. It also predicts big things for the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus 3D.

A Carphone Warehouse spokesperson said: “The speed with which Android has stormed the market is phenomenal. Year on year growth is well over 2000%. It’s no surprise that Android smartphones have become the smartphone of choice for so many of our customers.”

Android was reportedly The Carphone Warehouse’s most popular OS in the last quarter, but, as we’ve pointed out before, Android vs iOS is a silly comparison. Fruit vs carrots. But we don’t need to get into all that again.

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