Carphone Warehouse launches Bill Angel usage app

Carphone Warehouse launches Bill Angel usage app

Carphone Warehouse looks like it's going to be giving us all a bit of extra help to save some dosh. That's nice of them, eh? This time, by keeping an eye on our usage for us.

Appropriately named Bill Angel, it's got an app coming both Android and BlackBerry's way as of the end of next week that keeps an eye on all of your allowances and letting you know when you exceed them.

"Data use is continuing to skyrocket and more and more customers are now regularly overspending on their bill by exceeding monthly data limits," said CPW as it explained why it's come up with the idea.

“At Carphone Warehouse, we’re committed to providing customers with independent impartial advice and have created the Bill Angel app to offer people a simple way to track their mobile phone usage, alerting them before reaching their tariff limits and helping them avoid additional charges.”

It's definitely welcome news for those of us who don't do a good job of keeping check. And Mr CPW up there is right - data usage is often the big killer now that unlimited tariffs are a bit more elusive than they once were.

Most of the operators do have an app that can let you check what you have left but this is the first time that a retailer has decided to step in.

The only problem that could surface it's head is data protection. Because as Pocket-lint helpfully points out, you are effectively giving your details over to CPW (presuming they don't have them anyway - they do ask for a LOT of info when you buy via them!) which then can enable them to helpfully send you 'solutions' if you're using too much data etc.

And we know that Carphone Warehouse isn't shy about sending marketing emails out - even when the unsubscribe link has been followed.

Still, horses for courses and all that.

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