Three to carry Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Three to carry Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3Given the seemingly outrageous price and lame internals compared to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, we’re still not entirely sure who the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is aimed at.

The UK’s Three Mobile has no such concerns, seemingly, as it’s announced its intention to carry “the next big thing” when it touches down this summer.

The network goes into oodles of detail in this four minute-long Samsung Galaxy Mega YouTube video.

Note: like Three, I’ve intentionally referred to it as the Samsung Galaxy Mega there, as opposed to the Galaxy Mega 6.3. Considering the smaller Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 won’t be coming to the UK, there shouldn’t be any confusion. Er, in theory.

In any case, Three apparently loves the Samsung Galaxy Mega, explaining that you can “carry it like a phone but also use it as a tablet”. And with its 6.3in 720p display (233PPI), the Galaxy Mega yields – according to Three - the “best mobile video experience on a smartphone”. If you say so.

The network also looks to allay fears of the Samsung Galaxy Mega being too large by touting Bluetooth accessories, and the gargantuan handset also – surprise, surprise – comfortably fit in the pockets of various members of Three staff during an impromptu (i.e. wear-your-big-trousers-to-work day) test.

Needless to say there's no word on Samsung Galaxy Mega contract prices, though earlier in the week we learned it'll be priced around £460 SIM free.

By the time the Samsung Galaxy Mega hits shelves, there’ll be a mere two months before the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is announced. Our advice: wait.

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