Cartoon Wars Android review

Cartoon Wars Android reviewThe only other game I’ve reviewed from Gamevil is Air Pengiun, which both Jonathan and I raved about (on iOS and Android respectively). Effectively it scored 10/10 from Team Mobot.

A tough act to follow then. Could Cartoon Wars pull it out of the proverbial bag? Hit the link to find out, guy.

There are two teams in Cartoon Wars, namely your little cartoon fellas on the left, and a horde of evil knights, dragons, ghosts and flaming thingies (among others) on the right. Each side has a tower, and essentially you want to slash and shoot your way through the enemy and hack said tower to bits. Simples.

The in-level currency is Mana, and it’s used to purchase units. You can also invest Mana in faster Mana production, but doing so leaves you at a temporary disadvantage. For example, do you pay 100 Mana to crank it up a notch, or buy 10 of the basic units? In that sense, it’s very similar to buying sunflowers in Plants vs. Zombies. Sort of.

Destroying enemy units gives you gold (and Mana), and if you manage to finish a stage in less than 10 minutes (max 20 minutes), you get a gemstone. Both gold and gemstones can be used to upgrade existing units and buy new‘uns in the Upgrade store.

Ok, them's the basics, but is it actually any good? Let’s start with the Pros. Cartoon Wars is, importantly, a lot of fun. It’s incredibly satisfying when the tide of battle turns and you watch your little dudes race towards the enemy tower.

Cartoon Wars also looks great, and the Upgrade system is something that’s easy to get lost in. For example, I’ve now upgraded the bog standard units to ‘Robin Hood’ status, allowing them to safely shoot arrows from a distance. Good times.

And it’s not all about upgrading units either (a trap I admittedly fell into). Crucially, you can also invest in upgrading the bow (which shoots arrows continuously from the top of your tower), your castle’s strength, your Mana refresh speed and so on. There’s lots to consider.

As for the cons, well, progress can feel quite slow at times. The app is free, but you can fork out real money in exchange for in-game currency. I can’t help but feel that Cartoon Wars is balanced ever so slightly to tip you towards the freemium stuff, but just a little; you certainly don’t have to get your wallet out.

The tune in Cartoon Wars is great, but the sound of the castle-mounted arrow – a constant tick – is one of the most annoying things I’ve ever heard in a smartphone game. You can turn sound effects off, but it’s a shame to lose the other battle sounds simply because of the arrow.

However, those minor gripes are massively outweighed by the good stuff, and as I mentioned before: Cartoon Wars is ultimately a lot of fun. Time simply whizzes by when you’re playing it, and you couldn’t really ask for more.


  • Eight varied units
  • The little tune is great
  • Turning the tide of battle is awesome fun


  • Freemium stuff, hmm
  • That bloody sound effect for the arrow, argh!

Summary: Cartoon Wars is a bit like Plants vs Zombies, with cartoon goodies and medieval baddies. Or something. Just go play it, ok?

Devleoper: Gamevil

Requires: Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above

Price: free @ Android Market

Cartoon Wars Android review

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