Casio G-Shock smartphone will rock your world, tough guy

Casio G-Shock smartphone will rock your world, tough guyI’m quite partial to concept phones and super-rugged efforts, if only because they’re a bit different from the scores of much-the-same Android phones we see every day.

Imagine my excitement then when I read about this Casio G-Shock device, a concept tough guy. It looks freakin’ ridiculous. Amazing!

Amusingly, the Casio G-Shock smartphone was in attendance at CES 2012, but word has only just started going round the houses this week. He won’t be shedding any tears though; he’s really tough.

The Casio G-Shock smartphone can reportedly withstand falls of up to 10ft, hold its breath in 10 metres of water and bench press a full ton. It runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), but other than that the specs are a mystery. Indeed, it's thought to still be at the prototype stage.

However, Casio features a pic of the G-Shock smartphone on its Facebook page, with the caption: “G-Shock is about to change the cell phone game forever introducing the toughest phone on the market!” The lack of punctuation there really seals the deal for me. Count me in, Casio.

via: Engadget

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