Cave Bowling iOS review

Cave Bowling iOS reviewCave Bowling is currently free, and brought to you from the folks behind Rat on a Snowboard (which I reviewed this time last week), namely Donut Games.

Oddly, Cave Bowling feels like much the same dealio, ‘cept it’s a, uhm, bowling type game instead of an automatically-move-from-left-to-right-while-occasionally-tapping-jump type thing.

Basic gameplay? Check. Crude visuals? Check. Numerous levels with the obligatory one-to-three star rating system? Check.

Ok, so, in Cave Bowling, the basic aim is to knock down all the pins. That might sound like pretty standard tenpin bowling stuff, but the pins are scattered around the levels and number anywhere from two to, er, lots.

There are hazards including snakes, and platforms that you can slide around and junk. All very predictable.

But the important question is: is Cave Bowling any good? Well, it’s ok. I breezed through the 60 levels in an hour or so, though admittedly I didn’t get three stars in all the levels. Am I bothered? Nope. Will I go back to it? Probably not.

Cave Bowling iOS review

Gripes? It looks quite appalling actually. There are no textures on the terrain, which makes Cave Bowling look almost as if it’s unfinished. There's a whooole lot of black on display.

There’s also the old curse of trial and error, which never ceases to get my proverbial goat. See, you set the power and the angle before launching your ball, and even the tiniest adjustment can have a massive effect on how things play out.

As such, it’s not uncommon to find yourself stuck on a particular level for several minutes, mindlessly going through the motions of adjusting the power and/or angle just a slither, over and over and over…

Is Cave Bowling bad? No, not at all. But nor is it particularly good. And that about sums Cave Bowling up.


  • Currently free
  • 60 levels
  • Solid physics


  • Looks terrible
  • Not massively inspiring or original
  • Trial and error

Summary: Not terrible; not great. Cave Bowling is worth a look while it’s free.

Developer: Donut Games

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: currently free @ App Store

Cave Bowling iOS review

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