CES 2014: Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2, Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 leaked; big is the new small

CES 2014: Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2, Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 leaked; big is the new smallI’ve joked a lot recently about Samsung’s frankly outrageous prolificness, to the point that I’m actually boring myself. “They release soooooo many phones and tablets, hahaha!” Sigh. I need some new material for 2014.

Anyway! As you’ve no doubt inferred from the headline, Samsung is tipped to launch the – deep breath - Galaxy Note 12.2, Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, and Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 in the coming hours. Jeez Louise.

The focus for Android tablets has very much been on the 7in category of late, so it’s interesting to see Samsung firing out four bad boys in the upper echelons.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2, for starters, is probably the worst kept secret; it’s certainly the one we’ve been writing about most. It’ll essentially take all the multitasking goodness of the impressive Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 Edition and add 2.1in to the diagonal. That’s a pretty big tablet.

Identical in size, and seemingly identical in design (according to the leaked press renders on @evleaks, at least), is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2. It’s thought to be much the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2, ‘cept without stylus (S Pen) support. That presumably means you won’t be able to do funky things like hover over the screen to bring up sub-menus and that.

Rounding off the quartet are the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. They’re, eh, smaller still.

I’ve rambled on for longer than expected, so I’ll hand you over to Martin for the various spec sheets. Not to spoil the surprise, but they all sound rather delicious. Sorry, Apple.

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Treab  Jan. 6, 2014 at 18:25

new material for 2014 ...

you needed material in 2012 by now your just stale :p

loofer  Jan. 7, 2014 at 09:15

I feel sorry for the peeps that work in the retailers. How they going to keep up with all these models, let alone consumers.

Stelph  Jan. 7, 2014 at 10:05

Although this is dangerous Troll bait, are Samsung deliberately trying to release everything that Apple are rumoured to developing?

So far a smartwatch and now this 12" Pro tablet, exactly what apple are rumored to be making. I wouldn't mind so much except it does seem like theyre just trying to get a product out there rather than actually think about making it useful, a tablet this size is begging for a keyboard dock for example, is one coming out?

krogothnx  Jan. 7, 2014 at 13:20

I really wish they'd make it more obvious they're basically the same with only one difference. Like, if the Note was called a Galaxy Tab Note, to let you know it's a variation.

loofer  Jan. 8, 2014 at 09:24

thanks to Samsung I think GSMArena are going to have to update their 'Compare' page to allow 4 devices to be compared at once. No easy way to work out the difference between Samsung's own range, forget the competition.


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