CES 2014: track your life with Sony's tiny wearable Core

CES 2014: track your life with Sony's tiny wearable CoreSony's new arrivals on the smartphone front at CES this year may be limited to the Xperia Z1 Compact, but the company did have a couple of intriguing wearable gadgets to show off.

The headline grabber is the Sony Core, a wearable activity tracker that Sony says may well be the tiniest gadget it's ever made.

Strange that it wouldn't commit for sure – it either is or it isn't, after all – but all of that is just headline fodder, and the Sony Core is much more than just a headline.

It will sit at the heart of Sony's wearable tech portfolio going forward, and the first bit of kit to take advantage is the SmartBand wristband.

More on that in a mo, but first we'll cover the Core itself. It connects to your phone and accessories like the SmartBand using Bluetooth, and comes with a companion LifeLog app that for now is only available to Android users, but which will reportedly be coming to iOS too in due course.

The Core's miniscule dimensions holds obvious advantages as a fitness tracker, but in reality it's so small you can carry it around with you all the time, opening up the possibility of lifeblogging your very own always-on reality show.

The LifeLog app can track where and when you take pictures, your music listening preferences and other media consumption habits, even your sleep patterns.

All this will help feed recommendation engines and other user-specific digital wonders based on your lifestyle habits. That may sound ominous, but considering how much of our day-to-day lives happen within Google's global tech umbrella, adding another Android-powered gizmo to the pile doesn't actually change much.

As for the SmartBand, it doesn't have its own display or GPS but uses an accelerometer to record info that's then fed back and processed by your phone to reveal the usual fitness tracking info such as distance travelled, time, speed and estimated calories burned.

Sony admits it'll still be a while before the Core actually goes on sale, but hopefully the SmartBand will be joined by other Core accessories by the time it does.

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