CES 2014: ZTE Grand S II dishes up voice control for the masses

CES 2014: ZTE Grand S II dishes up voice control for the massesZTE has kicked off its CES 2014 campaign with the announcement of the Grand S II, its new Android flagship that was widely leaked just last week.

And its final spec sheet confirms it is actually a flagship worthy of the name, with a beefier set of credentials than was suggested last week, along with some interesting software features.

It's nothing too special in the looks department, with a conservative black and silver design that doesn't push the boundaries much. The 5.5in display is a decent step up from the 5in panel on the original Grand S, and needless to say it's full HD too.

Our old friend the Snapdragon 800 does the heavy lifting on the inside, and you get 16GB of storage, 13MP and 2MP cameras and a 3000mAh battery – a big jump from the Grand S' 1780mAh cell.

ZTE has pasted a fair few software tricks on top of the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS, including a voice recognition feature that lets not only you unlock the Grand S II with a voice command, but selected friends and family too.

A gimmick? Big time, but then voice recognition is a hot technology right now so we shouldn't be too surprised. More orthodox voice-driven features include being able to take photos with a spoken command, and a My-Drive mode that tailors your voice recognition tools for better hands-free use in the car.

ZTE has yet to confirm when and where the Grand S II will touch down, or any indication of what it'll cost.

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