CES 2015: Wireless smartphone charging coming to McDonald’s UK

CES 2015: Wireless smartphone charging coming to McDonald’s UKIt’s said that in future you won’t have to worry about religiously sticking your phone on charge every night, as you’ll be capable of charging everywhere you go. Getting really futuristic, your phone could start charging as soon as you walk into a room.

Bringing us one step closer to this dream scenario, McDonald’s – in partnership with Aircharge – is set to introduce 600 Qi wireless charging points at 50 restaurants in London and beyond.

The move follows the successful trial of Qi wireless charging at a small number of McDonald’s restaurants, where some reportedly queued for up to 30 minutes to juice up their phones.

Sensibly, the Aircharge Qi wireless charging points are designed to be water resistant, and easy to wipe clean. That makes sense; we’re not exactly talking about a five-star restaurant here (no offence, McDonald’s). Inevitably they’ll be covered in Coke and bits of Big Mac and all sorts.

There are over 70 Qi-enabled smartphones on the market at present, but don’t worry if your phone isn’t ready to rock; the Aircharge wireless charging receiver will hook you up.

The accompanying press release doesn’t say exactly when the McDonald’s Qi wireless charging points will be rolled out, but it sounds like it’ll be pretty freakin’ soon. Any sign where you are, Londoners?

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