Can you change the "default app" in Android?

With Android phones can you change the "default app", for example that might be the browser I want to use to open links in other apps or emails?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 25, 2014 at 15:25

Yes. The 1st time an app wants you to open a link, a popup shows you available apps to do so. You tap on your choice, and beneath that you see "once" and "always". Tap on "always" and that app is your default from that point on. The popup will then no longer appear.

To clear defaults: Open the main menu - hit Settings - hit Apps / Manage Apps. Open the app that appears to be the default (e.g. when all links are opened in Chrome, then tap on Chrome).
You now see the app's details and tabs such as "Clear Data", "Force Stop", "Uninstall" etc... Near the bottom you ususally find "Clear Defaults"! Hitting "Clear Defaults" means just that: no app is the default app for that 'task' anymore. Next time you need to open a link, or open a photo, or start a music player etc... the popup appears to choose the right app, and to decide if you only want to use it once or always for that type of chore.

The same procedure (i.e. tapping "Clear Defaults' also lets you change default Launchers. Say, you didn't like Sense or Touchwiz, and you installed a 3rd party launcher. But now you want to go back to the original launcher.)


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