How to change your tone on WhatsApp iPhone

How to change your tone on WhatsApp iPhonePop “change tone” into Google and you’re automatically presented with the suggestion “change tone on whatsapp iphone”. It’s ultimately dead easy, but only if you know where to look.

Yep, even I had to Google “change tone on whatsapp iphone” as iOS is way less intuitive – and more restrictive – than you might think. Instructions plus impromptu rambling below.

To change your tone on WhatsApp for iPhone, one might logically go into the iPhone’s Settings menu, followed by Notifications and WhatsApp. But nope, this is where you allow notifications and customise their style (banners, alerts, badges…); the option to change your WhatsApp tone is elsewhere.

See, on your iPhone, it’s not always possible to change the alert tone for a given app, something that has long plagued users of iPhone Snapchat, which is – annoyingly – completely silent and impossible to change (without significant tinkering).

iOS app developers have to specifically enable the option, but fortunately WhatsApp does let you change the tone on your iPhone.

And it’s super-easy, too, assuming you’re not lost in the iPhone’s Settings menu. Check it out:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap the Settings icon in the bottom right
  • Tap Notifications

From here, you can change your tone for WhatsApp iPhone, and even set up unique alerts for single and group notifications. If you’re sending racy messages, you might want to disable message previews, too.

And that’s how to change your tone on WhatsApp iPhone. Again, easy if you know where to look.

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