No charge for T-Mobile iOS 4.3 tethering after all (mostly)

No charge for T-Mobile iOS 4.3 tethering after all (mostly)A recent discussion on our chat board suggested that T-Mobile had introduced charges for iPhone customers who upgraded to iOS 4.3. Users looking to tether were suddenly being asked to fork out for the privilege.

Well, it seems that that isn’t strictly the case. Absinth-loving brute Paul Smith - from our sister site, Bitterwallet - sweet-talked a young lady at Everything Everywhere into giving a statement.

“All T-Mobile customers who subscribe to Web‘n’Walk Plus or Web‘n’Walk Max can use their phone for tethering without any increase to their monthly bills,” explained the young lass.

“The only customers who will experience changes to their experience are a small number who have been using their basic internet on their phone access for tethering. Our terms and conditions have always stated that customers wishing to tether need to purchase boosters, so this latest change is in no way an amend to our contractual agreements.”

So if you’re on Web’n’Walk Plus or Max, it should be safe to upgrade to iOS 4.3. Customers on the basic Web’n’Walk package, however, will be asked to pay.

But weren’t some Web’n’Walk Max customers asked to shell out too? Our young lady concludes:

“It has also been brought to our attention that some Web‘n’Walk Max customers may have been asked to pay extra for tethering since updating to iOS version 4.3. This is a systems error and one that we are working to fix immediately. Any customers who believe they may have incurred additional charges as a result of this should contact our Customer Services team and a refund will be arranged.”

Head over to Bitterwallet to check out the full statement.

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